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Photo Pocket Mania Continues

Yesterday I showed you the “goods” … today I’m going to show you some layouts using them.

First up, my layout using template 2 in my Photo Pockets Page Templates 1 and the new kit from ADB Designs and Snickerdoodle Designs called The Long Road Home. It’s a series of Thanksgiving photos taken by my grand daughter (she really loves my camera).


Pam (she’s one of theStudio CT’s) did a couple of layouts for me. This first one uses template 2 from my Photo Pockets Page Templates 2 along with a kit by Butterfly Dsign called Golden Christmas.

Her second one is a real favorite of mine (not to say the one above isn’t beyond gorgeousness). She used template 1 from my Photo Pockets Page Templates 1 and a brand new, amazingly creative series of products by The Urban Fairy called My Heart in Art (MHiA).

Finally, two more from me where I used the Pocket Templates. This first one is template 4 in my Photo Pockets Pocket Templates 1 and is only photos (no kit needed). Naturally, I had to show off my grand daughter again (and her photos).


This second one uses template 1 from my Photo Pockets Pockets Templates 2 along with my kit Bountiful Blessings. Now Kate is starring on the other side of the camera.


Hope these gave you some ideas of what can be done with Pocket Templates.

OH … almost forgot … be sure to stop back by tomorrow for a Christmas Freebie from theStudio Christmas Carol Blog Hop … BUT, most importantly,  a preview of a gorgeous kit I just did in collaboration with two VERY creative designers: The Urban Fairy and Studio Romy.




  1. Jill – love your samples using the templates! I do have a couple questions.
    1. I’m confused about the difference between the Photo Pocket Pages & the Photo Pocket Pages Template. How are they different?

    2. Do you know the font used in the layout above with Kate and her camera? I love that font!


  2. Photo Pocket Page Pockets vs.
    Photo Pocket Page Templates

    Say that 3 times quickly! They are really tongue twisters!

    • ROTF!!! No way … I just finished a glass of wine and will probably spit on my screen.

      The page templates are a full page (12×12) template that has one layer that is a transparent pocket overlay. It also has clipping masks for each pocket along with a background.

      When I initially created these for Commercial Use, I had 2 pocket overlays … one that was plain and another with slight scratches. When I simplified the CU templates, I made the choice to only include one style of pockets. Realizing that some folks may not like my choice, I decided to make to the other pocket styles available and that’s what the Page Pockets are … and ONLY what they are. They are the transparent pocket overlay and nothing more.

      The way it works is like this … Page Templates 1 and 3 have plain pockets, so if you want the pockets with scratches you can purchase them in the Pocket Pages 1 or 3. The Page Templates 2 and 4 have the pockets with scratches … so guess what? You can get the plain ones by purchasing Pocket pages 2 or 4.

      A quick way to tell what kind of pockets your getting is by the color of the clipping masks (or journal cards). Plain pockets will have teal clipping masks and the ones with scratches will have a purple clipping masks.

      Hope this answers your question … and thank you for giving me the chance to explain things better. Still can’t say Photo Pocket Page Pockets vs. Photo Pocket Page Templates 3 times quickly.


    • oops … forgot about the font … it’s one of my favorites called DK Babysitter. I love handwritten fonts and wish my handwriting only looked this good.

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