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Watercolor Leaves

When someone puts in a simple request (or at least one that I’m already set up to do), I’m on it. When one of my fellow designers let me know that she was looking for some paper or non-realistic leaves, I knew exactly what to do. I’ve been working a lot lately with my watercolors trying to create non-abstract kinds of things (kind of a challenge when one has been doing abstract art for so long). Sort of realistic, but not. OK … I’m rambling. Anyway, I decided to try my hand at painting some leaves … and that’s what this week’s CU product is — Watercolor Leaves. They’re currently on sale for 30% off at both theStudio and Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes.

This pack contains 5 leaf stems, some grass, and a build-it-yourself leaf stem consisting of 4 leaves and 1 stem (I included an example). Check it out —


That’s all for today … HUGS!!!


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